Divorce – We can help with an uncontested San Luis Obispo divorce (dissolution of marriage), meaning you and your spouse agree on divorce matters such as spousal support, child support, custody, visitation, and division of assets if applicable.

Legal Separation – In a legal separation certain matters can be resolved but you and your spouse remain legally married and cannot remarry until a divorce (dissolution of marriage) is completed.

Annulment – This designation declares a marriage void and not legally valid, certain qualifications need to be met in order to complete this type of dissolution.

Whether you need a San Luis Obispo Divorce, Legal Separation or Annulment, we are here to help you thought the process from beginning to end. Our most common packages:

  • Dissolution (Divorce, Legal Separation) with no children and no property
  • Dissolution (Divorce, Legal Separation) with children or property
  • Dissolution (Divorce, Legal Separation) with children and property

We can also help to finish an existing California Divorce or Legal Separation case; we require an initial review of all documents filed so far.

We can help to prepare a QDRO or Joinder to deal with retirement in a divorce or after a judgment has been entered.

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