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-Divorce is an emotionally difficult process that is often more complex than the divorcing couple expects. Even when a couple agrees on all the terms for an uncontested divorce and wants to file the legal paperwork themselves, life can sometimes get in the way of a smooth divorce. We Help You Legal, with offices in Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo can help with the divorce documents. 

A couple agreeing to an uncontested divorce doesn’t necessarily need the added expense of an attorney. But, one person needs to be responsible for completing and filing the necessary legal documents with the court, filing them on time, and appearing in court if required. At the same time, employer schedules need to be met, kids need to get to school and activities, the dog needs to go to the groomer or the veterinarian, and unplanned events happen. Making mistakes in the documents or missing an important court date results in delays or possible undesired court decisions.

Working with a legal document assistance service can ease the worry about mistakes on legal documents, forgetting to include important information, or missing a filing or response date. The experienced and licensed staff providing divorce document assistance in San Luis Obispo or Paso Robles are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice, but they can help fill in the necessary documents correctly so they can be filed on time.

We Help You Legal is a cost-effective alternative to attorney fees, knowledgeable about the information required to complete divorce documents, trained and experienced. These benefits add up to timely court filings and peace of mind. Legal document assistance services are:

  • Cost-effective, charging much less than an attorney.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable about the information required to complete divorce documents.
  • Provide personalized assistance that asks important questions, reviews the required information for accuracy, completes the legal documents accurately and on time, informs clients about the importance of filing dates, and more.

Even though the married couple has agreed to all of the terms and the divorce is amicable, it’s still a major life change and rarely entered into easily. Worrying about the court process is an added level of stress. We Help You Legal can take some of that stress off your shoulders.

In addition to an uncontested divorce, the San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles knowledgeable and licensed staff can help with several other dissolution of marriage-related matters including:

  • Legal separation, when a couple remains legally married but agrees to separate.
  • Annulment, when a marriage is declared not legally valid.
  • Assistance finishing a California divorce or legal separation case.
  • Assistance preparing QDRO or Joinder to deal with retirement in a divorce or after a judgment has been entered.

The We Help You team can assist with adoptions, name changes, legal separations, annulments, incorporation/LLCs, living trusts, estate planning, and more. Serving California Central Coast communities for 22 years, the We Help You Legal staff is dedicated to serving its clients with professionalism to meet every client’s unique needs.

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We Help You Legal is a “self-help” legal document assistance company that provides document preparation without the high cost of an attorney. We Help You Legal, Inc. is not a law firm. We cannot represent you in court, advise you about your legal rights or the law, or select forms for you.

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